Circa Systems develops circular point of sale platforms and two-way logistics systems to usher in a revolutionized retail experience for those seeking an alternative to the current take, make and trash model – a company promising to meet our product needs in a way that is better for people, planet and profit.


What if instead of making 10,000 units and hoping to sell half of them, we make 1,000 units and sell them 10,000 times?

That’s the promise of Circa.

Circa will make our linear manufacturing system of unsustainable overproduction, shrinking margins, Black Fridays and overflowing landfills a thing of the past. Imagine circular retail platforms that allow you to make the same amount of profit, if not more, while investing in a tenth of the inventory.

Imagine a reverse logistics system that doubles the values of your delivery system and revolutionizes the processes for shipping and receiving into one seamless solution.

Circa Systems will bring the world this promise, one platform at a time.

Our people.

Nic Esposito, Founder of Circa Technologies

Nic Esposito

Founder and CEO

Samantha Wittchen, co-founder of Circa Technologies

Samantha Wittchen

Co-founder and CPO

Blake Carroll, co-founder and COO of Circa Systems

Blake Carroll

Co-founder and COO

Valentina De Fanti, Communications and User Acquisition

Valentina De Fanti

Communications and User Acquisition

Our partners.

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O3 World

O3 is a customer experience partner that collaborates with businesses to identify opportunities and create impactful strategies for their customers’ journeys. Combining strategy, design, and technology transforms interactions into exceptional experiences, optimizing every brand touchpoint. Founded in 2005, their expertise and consultative approach allow O3 to help businesses navigate changing customer expectations, delivering seamless and accessible customer experiences.

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Both is a creative & strategic consultancy specializing in left and right brain thinking. Pressure & poise. Irreverence & reverence. Imagination & reality. Both comes up with big ideas & has the ability to make them happen. Their ability to quickly cut to the heart of problems and uncover creative opportunities helps progressive companies at the beginning of their journeys and at critical moments of transformation.