Our ideal investor is someone who is aligned with our mission and vision, while providing guidance and resources to see us succeed in creating value for everyone involved.

Your Investment

We are asking for your investment of your resources, your passion, your belief and, yes, money. To launch Unless Kids, Circa Systems is looking to close out a pre-seed round of funding to develop our MVP and secure the physical assets (staffing, warehouse, inventory) for Unless Kids to become operational by Q2 2024. Please email Nic Esposito if you would like to set up a time to learn more about Circa Systems.

And there are other ways to get involved with Circa

We are asking for you to join us in this process because changing “how it’s always been done” is, indeed, a process. We’re not pie-in-the-sky sustainability dreamers. Just some folks who know there’s a better way forward. For us, for you, for profit and for planet. For generations to come and your legacy that will remain. We are currently developing an advisory board and are always looking for general guidance, so if you’d like to learn more and offer your talents and resources, please click the link below.